New Arrival: Leica SL3 Mirrorless Full Frame Camera

The Leica SL3 is now available globally at all Leica Stores, the Leica Online Store, and authorised dealers — with a retail price of S$10,400 inclusive of GST.

The “Made in Germany” Leica SL3 offers an optimised design, efficient user interface, and the versatile L-Mount bayonet to offer a mirrorless full-frame camera boasting high image quality.

The “Made in Germany” Leica SL3 offers an optimised design, efficient user interface, and the versatile L-Mount bayonet to offer a mirrorless full-frame camera boasting high image quality.

At the core of the Leica SL3 is the BSI CMOS full-frame sensor with Triple Resolution Technology, protected in a solid all-metal body with elegant leather.

The sensor records raw files in DNG or JPEG format with a resolution of either 60, 36 or 18 MP.

In each case, the full sensor surface is used.

The SL3 has a dynamic range expanded to 15 f-stops and an ISO range from 50 to 100,000.

With phase detection (PDAF), depth mapping (Object Detection AF), and contrast recognition (Contrast Detection AF), the autofocus system of the SL3 combines the strengths of three technologies to create sharp pictures even in dim light.

More details below from the press release.

An intelligent subject recognition supports the photography of dynamic scenes.

The lens bayonet, which is based on the L-Mount standard developed by Leica, facilitates the use of lenses from all of the Leica camera systems.

Additionally, it is compatible with a diverse array of ultra-wide to super-telephoto zoom lenses offered by other L-Mount alliance partners.

The lens bayonet therefore guarantees extensive system compatibility for the Leica SL3, especially with the renowned Leica M-Lenses, thanks to the unique design of the image sensor and an external light sensor.

The integrated in-body image stabilisation further broadens the scope of application for M-Lenses.

The EyeRes® viewfinder of the Leica SL3 is equipped with an optical system made of glass lenses, showing the subject with up to 120 frames per second and a resolution of 5.76 million pixels.

The Leica SL3 at the launch in Singapore.

The Leica SL3 at the launch in Singapore.

The live preview enables full control over the exposure and composition of images before releasing the shutter.

Another new feature is the tiltable 3-inch high-res touchscreen, enabling additional viewing angles during photo/video shoots.

Videos are recorded in a resolution of up to 8K, supported by efficient codecs such as H.265 and ProRes by Apple.

A dedicated time code interface allows for professional image and sound synchronisation on set.

Throughout this process, the new Maestro-IV processor with L² technology easily handles the vast amounts of data, resulting in pictures with magnificent colour rendering as well as excellent noise performance.

The new user interface of the Leica SL3 is optimised to enhance user comfort such as ergonomics, tactile feel, and menu navigation.

The Leica SL3 at the launch in Singapore.

The Leica SL3 at the launch in Singapore.

As a result, the grip, button layout, and overall camera design have been refined to further promote intuitive handling.

The updated, streamlined icon and menu design offer a clear structure, facilitating even easier navigation.

The distinct separation of photo and video modes differentiates the mode using colour codes: red for photo mode and yellow for video mode.

Furthermore, the camera’s main functions can be completely adapted to individual needs.

The freely assignable FN keys and the optimised touch interaction in the menu add to the intuitive and comfortable operation of the camera.

When photographing and filming, the SL3’s user interface aligns itself in landscape or portrait format, depending on the camera position.

Thanks to the convenient handling, improved ergonomics, robust design, and IP54 certification, photographers can focus on capturing the shot in any weather and environment.

The Leica SL3 at the launch in Singapore.

The Leica SL3 at the launch in Singapore.

At the same time, the new SL3 is noticeably lighter and more compact than its predecessors and is even more comfortable to use.

The Leica user experience undergoes continuous refinement.

Regular firmware updates, influenced by valuable customer feedback, are seamlessly delivered to the SL3 through the Leica FOTOS app.

This ensures the camera stays current and future-proof in a user-friendly manner.

The camera’s new interface and improved connectivity ensure a seamless professional workflow.

There are slots for the memory cards CFexpress type B and UHS-II-SD, a USB-C port for high-speed data transmission, tethering, and power supply as well as a full-size HDMI 2.1 output for external monitors or recording equipment.

Additionally, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with MIMO technology ensure a stable and fast connection to the Leica FOTOS app.


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The SL3 is launching in Singapore tomorrow at Leica’s ARTitude Galeria.

As a certified Apple “Made for iPhone® and iPad®” accessory, the Leica SL3, together with the included USB-C cable, enables a direct connection to Apple products.

The new BP-SCL6 battery, along with the separately available double charger, offers ample capacity.

This dual charger allows for the simultaneous and faster charging of two batteries.

The double charger and the additional battery are available individually or as an attractive set.

Moreover, the accessories within the SL-System now include a new handgrip and a DC coupler.

The DC coupler can be inserted into the camera’s battery slot to ensure a continuous power supply via USB-C.

The new carrying strap with an innovative attachment and a hard-wearing wrist strap for the hand grip have also been specially designed for everyday professional photography use.

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  1. Lester Brickley says:

    How’s the feel compared to the SL2-S … I didn’t buy that because it was too hefty for me.

    • tech4tea says:

      The SL3 (850g) is actually lighter than the SL2-S (931g). Size-wise, they are almost identical in size. The SL3 (151 x 108 x 85 mm) is only a tiny bit bigger than the SL2-S (146 x 107 x 83).

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