New Arrival: OPPO Reno11 Pro Smartphone Launches Globally

The OPPO Reno11 Pro (S$899 with 12+512GB) and Reno11 (S$699 with 12+256GB) will be available in Singapore from 27 January 2024. Launch promotions below.

The OPPO Reno11 Pro sports a slender side profile with a thickness of 7.59mm and weight of 181g.

The OPPO Reno11 Pro sports a slender side profile with a thickness of 7.59mm and weight of 181g.

The OPPO Reno11 Pro will be available in Pearl White and Rock Grey while the OPPO Reno11 will come in Wave Green and Rock Grey.

The highlight of the Reno11 Pro is its Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System with a 47mm-equivalent 32MP, 2x telephoto camera which captures portraits with the same perspective as a human eye.

The Sony IMX709 sensor features an RGBW pixel arrangement for a 60% increase in photosensitivity and 35% less noise than comparable traditional sensors.

Alongside the new flagship HyperTone Imaging Engine and advanced in-sensor zoom technology, Reno11 Pro also has a zoom of up to 5x.

More details below from the press release.

Thin, Light, and Beautiful

Celebrating style with distinct, elegantly contrasting layers, Reno11 Pro is contoured for a perfect hold, striking a slender silhouette when viewed side-on, and gleaming with a beautiful finish.

An advanced design process makes Reno11 Pro’s finish possible, with its glass back showcasing layered elements that embrace visual texture and reflective dimension.

“Reno11 Pro’s style, performance, and Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System are exceptional. Thin, light, and intuitive, it effortlessly fits into your palm, pocket, and life. With studio-quality portrait photography, it’s a creative powerhouse too. To put it simply, Reno11 Pro is built to stand out in every way,” said Billy Zhang, President of Overseas MKT, Sales and Services, OPPO.

In Pearl White, OPPO introduces a Shimmering Pearl Design to the Reno family, made possible by integrating three layers into one piece of glass, incorporating 3.6 million tiny reflective surfaces to create its signature lustre.

For a more classical and subdued style in Rock Grey, Reno11 Pro’s layers of bright and soft silver-grey glistens like sand under a striking sunset.

This finish is made possible by OPPO Glow, a process that combines a smooth frosted glass feel with a textured aesthetic.

Rising from this rich-to-the-touch curved glass back panel is a Sunshine Ring camera system, framed by an eye-catching track that allows the capable Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System within to peek through.

Power on Reno11 Pro, and you can enjoy a private movie screening as the crisp, large 6.7” display shines.

A super-slim border that curves gently out of focus elegantly frames the display, and a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate keeps visuals flowing smoothly.

Bring brighter hues to life with Reno11 Pro’s brilliant 10-bit OLED screen, showcasing over 1 billion colours for natural-looking gradients, so your photos and videos look even more captivating.

And with HDR10+ certification, TV shows and movies strike the perfect notes with enchanting highlights and atmospheric shadows.

Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System: A Portrait Studio in your Pocket

Reno11 Pro debuts OPPO’s new Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System and features flagship computational photography algorithms, unlocking dynamic and masterful portraits in any lighting condition.

With a powerful wide camera featuring 50MP resolution, a fast f/1.8 lens with OIS, and a large 1/1.56” Sony IMX890 sensor at its heart, Reno11 Pro has you covered for incredible all-purpose imaging, even in challenging scenes.

And for expansive landscapes, Reno11 Pro’s ultra-wide camera covers an all-seeing 112º field of view with an f/2.2 aperture lens.

Launch promotions for the OPPO Reno11 series. Click to enlarge.

Launch promotions for the OPPO Reno11 series. Click to enlarge.

Besides hardware, Reno11 Pro’s camera represents a breakthrough in portrait imaging software.

OPPO has teamed up with portrait photography experts from around the world, combining their honed insight and feedback in its Portrait Expert Engine.

This results in a four-part process to capture tasteful and beautiful portrait photos, starting with Facial Recognition + Subject/Scene Separation, followed by Skin Colour and Facial Feature Protection, then Upgraded Clarity, Stereoscopic Light and Shade Effects, and finally Background Optimisation + Subject/Scene Fusion.

Reno11 Pro takes this advanced portrait algorithm and combines it with its pro-grade Portrait Mode.

This captures natural-looking portraits at either 1x or 2x zoom with incredible subject, object, and edge separation.

In addition, advanced flattering safeguards individuality, while adjustable bokeh empowers the photographer to adjust focus more precisely.

Selfies become self-portraits on Reno11 Pro, with the powerful 32MP front camera featuring the advanced Sony IMX709 sensor behind the portrait-perfect 2x telephoto camera.

This powerful hardware is matched with AI Portrait Retouching for fine-tuned photos with key optimisations applied to lips and eyes for the most accurate shadowing, lipstick shades, and facial structural refinement possible, all without sacrificing a subject’s natural beauty.

ColorOS 14 for Effortless Work and Play

So much more than just stylish, the Reno11 Pro ColorOS 14 experience is exceptional – fusing beauty, security, productivity, reliability, and longevity.

With File Dock, photos, web pages and other useful elements can be collected in an invisible folder that appears exactly when you need it to. Smart Touch captures images, text, and even text within images from a screenshot with ease.

Finally, Smart Image Matting easily cuts out a subject from a photo or video still and saves the image in File Dock, so you can turn it into a sticker or share it directly with another app.

Behind the scenes, ColorOS 14’s next-generation Trinity Engine ensures a fast and smooth performance.

ROM Vitalisation can save up to 21GB of extra space from a total of 256GB storage by compressing unused data and removing duplicated files.

RAM Vitalisation can keep up to 28 apps running in the background for 72 hours, while CPU Vitalisation learns usage habits and optimises processes for a smoother, longer lasting experience.

OPPO’s 48-Month Fluency Protection also means Reno11 Pro is optimised for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

Flagship-level Performance and Charging Speeds

Reno11 Pro is powered by the advanced MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset, delivering flagship-level 4nm computing – 80% more powerful than previous generations.

Expect exceptional mobile gaming and enough power to quickly manage demanding tasks like 4K video capture and editing.

With 12GB RAM and up to an additional 12GB made possible by RAM Expansion, Reno11 Pro empowers you to confidently multi-task across demanding apps and games without slowdown or background apps being closed.

And with 256GB or 512GB storage, enjoy a vast library of offline movies and games, making Reno11 Pro a perfect travel companion.

Don’t stop doing what you love – creating, sharing, messaging, and discovering – as Reno11 Pro keeps you going from morning to night with its large 4600mAh battery.

Along with OPPO’s Battery Health Engine, look forward to four years of day-long use.

When you do need to power up, unlock 80W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charging using the supplied charger for a 24% top-up in five minutes, and a 100% charge in just 28 minutes.

Enhance your Reno11 Pro experience with an added layer of assurance as OPPO introduces an exclusive extended battery warranty for the Singapore market, providing users with 36 months of coverage for a greater peace of mind.

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