New Arrival: Huawei FreeBuds 5i True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Huawei FreeBuds 5i, a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds, will hit the shelves in Singapore from 1 February 2023. Prices and promotions below.

The Huawei FreeBuds 5i comes in Isle Blue, Nebula Black, and Ceramic White.

The Huawei FreeBuds 5i comes in Isle Blue, Nebula Black, and Ceramic White.

The Huawei FreeBuds 5i continues to offer multiple ANC (active noise cancellation) and EQ modes, as well as Dual Device Connection for seamless switchover between different devices and operating systems.

It weighs only 4.9g and is 29mm long – that’s 7mm shorter than the FreeBuds 4i.

More details below, including promotional prices and availability, from the press release.

Spectacular, resonant sound that draws you in

Huawei FreeBuds 5i delivers high-resolution music experience, with Hi-Res Audio Wireless (Hi-Res) certification.

It harnesses powerful hardware, algorithms, the LDAC™ HD audio codec and multi-EQ effects, to play and transmit HD audio, ensuring that the original audio is faithfully rendered at all times.

Huawei FreeBuds 5i also provides Multi-EQ effects, which allow listeners to adjust the audio effects freely, such as by selecting Bass boost or Treble boost mode, so that each song sounds pristine, just like customising to get the most desirable listening experience that meets each individual taste.

Outstanding noise cancellation capabilities for pristine listening and call experiences

To keep the audio clean and pristine, with minimal interference of environmental noises, Huawei FreeBuds 5i comes with hybrid noise cancellation technology beyond the traditional in-ear design to effectively block high-frequency noise passively.

It is equipped with dual-mic ANC and hybrid noise cancellation technology, which not only detect external noise, but also pick up the extra noise within the ear canal, providing a maximum noise ANC depth as high as 42dB.

When wearing your Huawei FreeBuds 5i, you’ll be able to choose between Ultra, General, and Cozy noise cancellation modes, to adapt to the noise in wherever you are, whether it’s a busy airport, subway station, restaurant, office, or quiet home.

Calls will never be distracting again as the Huawei FreeBuds 5i comes with AI Noise Cancellation feature to distinguish, and enhance your voice using AI neural network algorithm to keep calls crystal clear.

Seamless features that let you live convenient life

Huawei FreeBuds 5i brings versatility with smart features, long battery life and IP54 water-resistance, enabling you to live a convenient life no matter where you are.

With Huawei FreeBuds 5i supporting dual device connection, users can connect between different devices and operating systems seamlessly, including smartphone, tablet, PC and Watch, as well as with Android, IOS and Windows smart systems.

Users can switch between music, meetings and calls between devices without manually switching connectivity.

Huawei FreeBuds 5i provides a formidable 28 hours of battery life, and fast charging capability to support 4 hours of audio playback on just a 15-minute charge, freeing users from worrying about the battery running out quickly.

It also allows you to snap a shot remotely by double-tapping your earbuds, so that you can take great photos and not having the need to deal with a selfie stick, fumbling around with focal length controls from short distances.

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