New Arrival: Philips Fresh Air Mask

The Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 retails at S$159 and is now available in Singapore online as well as Best Denki and Amazon Singapore (coming soon). The Fresh Air Mask Filter FY0086 (S$39, available now) and Fresh Air Mask Filter FY0087 (S$39, available from mid-October 2021) are also available for purchase in a box of 5 pieces.

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The Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066’s air filtering technology promises enhanced protection, optimized fit and design.

The Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066’s air filtering technology promises enhanced protection, optimized fit and design.

Royal Philips has launched the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 which incorporates a customised Air Power module to help the wearer breathe better.

The Philips Fresh Air Mask combines enhanced protection, design and comfort that is backed by Philips’ heritage in Respironics and extensive research and development.

More details below from the press release.

Fresh airflow keeps air in mask cool and fresh

The Philips Fresh Air Mask’s customized Air Power technology provides fresh airflow of up to 41 liters per minute for better breathing comfort as it removes trapped heat, moisture and carbon dioxide from within the mask quickly.

It has three speed modes to choose from that can easily be accessed via a button in the upper right corner of the fan module, helping reduce the wearer’s exhalation resistance and improving comfort.

“At Philips, we always keep the health of our consumers first and consider their needs in our innovations. In developing the Philips Fresh Air Mask, we found that consumers place a high priority on breathing comfort. Most importantly, they want a mask that can offer enhanced Protection. As wearing a mask has become an essential day-to-day routine for many of us, it is not surprising to find that mask appearance and comfort matters to people,” said Duncan Tang, Sleep & Respiratory Care Leader, Philips ASEAN Pacific.

Its micro-porous external mesh fabric combines flexibility and durability for an improved breathing experience and comfort, especially important for those who lead active lifestyles.

Washable Mask with replaceable filter that provides N95 level filtration performance

The Philips Fresh Air Mask also incorporates a water-resistant fabric shell that can be washed each time you use it and comes packaged with an easily replaceable filter (FY0086) that reduces droplets, removing 95% of PM2.5 particles and pollen.

It also filters 99% of bacteria of 3μm for enhanced protection with a lifetime of up to 122 hours4.

Beyond protecting your lungs, its innovative material also protects your skin from the effects of UV light to work as a UPF50+ sunblock for the face.

Comfortable fit

Considered for optimized design and fit, the Philips Fresh Air Mask was designed with the use of 3D laser technology and shaping to fit the contours of the human face better.

A V-shaped curve is customized to lift the face while its ingenious curve design and smooth jaw line work to create a slimmer appearance for wearers.

The result is an aerodynamic fit that helps to relieve pressure on the nose, cheeks and ears – keeping consumers looking immaculate from head to toe in style.

The Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 is compatible with two easily replaceable filters (FY0086 and FY0087), giving consumers more choice depending on their personal needs and lifestyles.

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