Event: LG Connect 2018 Asia – Commercial Displays & Home Solutions

LG Connect 2018 Asia is a showcase of the company’s innovations to enhance end-user experience across the retail, hospitality, transport and residential sectors targeting citizens of smart nations at work and play.

LG 55″ transparent OLED signage, with razor-thin bezels. With 40% transparency, this display will be launched end this year or next year.

The LG Connect 2018 Asia was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore.

“Buoyed by an all-encompassing suite of solutions, LG is excited to partner with businesses in Asia to help expand their portfolios of offerings. Together, we can build technological infrastructures that are future proof and can bring immense benefits to end-users across all the retail, hospitality, transport and residential industries,” says Steve Song, Asia Regional Chief Executive Officer of LG Electronics.

Among the impressive lineup of commercial displays showcased were the Open Frame OLED digital signage, the 55-inch Transparent OLED signage, the In-Glass OLED Wallpaper, OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV, Ultra HD smart displays, 0.9mm even bezel video wall, IPS Interactive Digital Boards, and 88-inch Ultra Stretch displays.

Solutions using these displays in various commercial settings were also exhibited, eg. Pro:Centric smart platform for hotels, and All-in-one Collaboration Solution for business centers, as well as SmartThinQ ecosystem for home appliances and ThinQ AI for LG’s Signature OLED TV W8.

Details below from the press release.

Digital Signage That Draws the Attention of Shoppers and Increase Footfall

LG’s commercial displays offer retailers and brands a competitive edge to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

The Open Frame OLED digital signage can transform any space into a canvas for advertising.

In-Glass OLED Wallpaper – 2 OLED panels are placed back-to-back , then embedded within a frame of tempered glass. So you get two displays facing opposite directions, playing different signage content. And they’re incredibly thin!

The Open Frame OLED displays can be utilised for multiple uses with various shape and size, such as large-scale video installations and informational displays designed to fit the contours of any commercial space.

Malls can also use a similar concept with Open Frame OLED displays to attract footfall, injecting seasonal vibes with captivating visuals such as cherry blossoms during spring, or a festive feel during Christmas.

Another highlight is the 55-inch Transparent OLED signage, with its razor-thin bezels.

Signature products can be placed behind the signage, where special effects dance about the products when its video is played.

Retailers can achieve a dual-sided viewing experience with the In-Glass OLED Wallpaper.

Two OLED panels are placed back-to-back, then embedded within a frame of tempered glass.

Each of the two OLED screens will play different content, allowing companies to get creative with their messages and placement.

Giving the façade of buildings a digital revamp is the Transparent LED Film, which is self-adhesive that makes installation easier.

The Transparent LED Film can be attached to the glass and it will transform the glass surface into digital signage.

The film can be switched on to display content as digital signage would. When the film is turned off, it blends seamlessly into the glass, preserving the design of the architecture.

LG’s Window Facing solutions include a digital signage video wall that is capable of delivering 1,500 nits of brightness for clear and bright images and is suitable for spaces with high luminance.

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Equip the gym with LG’s 0.9mm even bezel video wall. The thin bezels ensure seamless viewing experiences even when multiple screens are assembled into one, so that participants can remain focused on the visual content and not be distracted by the edges of the adjoining displays.

Hospitality Gets an Upgrade with Smart Hotel TVs and Platforms

The OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV has a Gallery Mode that puts artwork in a guest room with good picture quality.

For hotel management, the TV’s Pro:Centric smart platform supports editing tools for customising content.

Through the Pro:Centric solution, hoteliers are able to customise their settings in line with hotel branding concepts and deliver information on hotel facilities, weather forecasts and other messages to guests, all while reinforcing the hotel’s brand image.

Lights, door locks and curtains can also be connected to the TV, and guests can turn them on or off via the Pro:Centric Direct user interface.

This ecosystem heightens convenience for guests.

LG also showcased the 88-inch Ultra Stretch with video conference solution, which was developed in partnership with Cisco.

This B2B solution combines LG’s knowhow in UHD displays and Cisco’s technology.

Another highlight is the 0.6mm-thin Even Bezel Video Wall which offers a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

Its ultra-narrow bezels minimize distractions, making this product ideal for video conference and sharing ideas.

Elevating the Passenger Experience and Heightening Operational Efficiency

For arriving travelers, the airport and bus stops are one of the first touch points they encounter.

With the LG’s 88-inch Ultra Stretch — available also in the 86-inch format — deployed in strategic locations, passengers can find their way around the airport.

Boasting a 32:9 format, the 88-inch model can fit icons, images, wayfinding arrows and information such as the name of an airport attraction into a single screen.

Impressed by how non-reflective the surface of this LG Ultra Stretch display is – to enhance readability from all angles despite bright lights from all directions in the airport.

The 86-inch counterpart can be used to convey concise information such as time and weather conditions.

Deploy the Ultra Stretch displays in tandem with the video walls, which come with an anti-reflection feature, allowing passengers to see accurate flight information without any distracting glare.

A reliable outdoor solution capable of a brightness level of 3,000 cd/m2, LG’s High Brightness Enclosure can deliver transport-related information or advertising messages with superb clarity even during inclement weather.

Smart Living in the Palm of Your Hand

The global artificial intelligence market is expected to be worth US$10.5 million come 2020.

This increase reflects a growing uptake of an advanced technology among consumers.

For real estate developers keen to gain a competitive advantage, they should offer buyers furnishings that come with smart functions and artificial intelligence.

LG’s home appliances each come with connectivity features.

Bringing them together to form a digital ecosystem in the home is SmartThinQ.

It interconnects solutions such as the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, Washer, Air Purifier, as well as LG Air Conditioner and Styler.

With it, users can also respectively activate washing or steam cycles of the LG SIGNATURE Washer and LG Styler even when they are away from home.

Home owners can also remotely control the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator and Air Purifier, and LG Air Conditioner.

Additionally, LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8 is equipped with LG’s exclusive ThinQ® artificial intelligence (AI), which processes and responds to requests based on voice commands.

TV viewers can speak directly into the remote control to give voice commands and execute actions such as turning the channel or volume up and down, or change the picture mode without manually navigating the interface.

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