POTD: Feeding sunbird (Canon PhotoMarathon 2016 winner)

Photo of the Day: Spectacular shot of a male olive-backed sunbird feeding on nectar of a flower. Taken by Li JiaXuan, winner of Canon Challenge Winner.

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JiaXuan’s submission for Theme 2: “Kyosei” – the second of three themes in Canon PhotoMarathon 2016. The photo won the Canon Challenge for the competition. Photo credit: Li JiaXuan.

Since Canon PhotoMarathon XV 2017 is happening this Saturday, I looked through the winning photos of last year’s PhotoMarathon 2016.

This photo is my favourite for last year’s Canon PhotoMarathon.

“I believe the bird in the photo was a male olive-backed sunbird. Its chirps were distinctive, but its movements between flowers were very swift, making it challenge to get a sharp focus. I felt really blessed to have even spotted it in action and captured the moment just right,” said Li JiaXuan, Canon Challenge Winner, Canon PhotoMarathon 2016.

The sunbird is frozen in time and in space and won the photographer, Li JiaXuan the Canon Challenge – a category open for Canon users only.

After hearing the meaning of the Theme 2 (“Kyosei” which means “living and working together for the common good”), JiaXuan’s idea was to look for ecological interactions.

The winning photo was taken at Gardens By The Bay using the Canon EF 100-400mm lens, which was ideal for shooting birds and flowers.

According to JiaXuan, it was the perfect moment to capture the dynamic nature and the essence of symbiosis – as the sunbird fed on nectar while the flower needs it to help with pollination.

To JiaXuan – it is with “kyosei” that nature has found its harmony and sustainability.

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