New arrivals: Canon imageFORMULA P-215II and P-208II scanners

The new imageFORMULA P-215II (S$399) and P-208II (S$279) are now available in Singapore at Canon authorised dealers.

Canon imageFORMULA P-215II (top) and P-208II (bottom) scanners. Priced at S$399 and S$279 respectively.

Canon imageFORMULA P-215II (top) and P-208II (bottom) scanners. Priced at S$399 and S$279 respectively.

The new lightweight and portable scanners from Canon offers convenience, easy operation and performance; and makes on-the-go scanning a breeze.

Apart from a lightweight body, these devices come with an intuitive user interface and multiple editing options for the digitisation of documents, offering easy operation without the need to install any drivers.

New image processing functions have also been introduced to give users better control over the image quality and output.

More details from the press release.

Easy operation with an intuitive user interface

With CaptureOnTouch software, both the imageFORMULA P-215II and P-208II have been re-designed with a panel-style top screen, which allows users to intuitively select scan settings, output methods and even edit scanned images.

Users may have a choice of two scanning methods; 3-step scanning and Shortcut scanning.

With 3-step scanning, users will simply have to select the document type, choose the desired output and then activate the scan button to beginning the scanning process.

Alternatively, users may opt for the more convenient Shortcut Scanning, with specific scanning modes and output methods pre-configured for frequent usage.

To deliver greater flexibility and convenience, icons on the panel can be customised with images selected by users.

With an advanced OCR module, there is now greatly enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), enabling users to receive their scanned documents as editable word files.

New Image Processing Functions for better image output

With new image processing functions available, users will have greater control over the quality and look of their scanned documents and images.

“Canon prides itself in making work easier to accomplish through technology that helps users be more productive and efficient,” said Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director, Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore.

The imageFormula P-215II offers new options such as Trimming, De-skew, Photo Mode, as well as Shadow removal, while the imageFormula P-208II is equipped with similar editing options such as Trimming, Shadow removal and Photo Mode.

Scanned images tend to result in a white border when a document with slanted edges is processed.

By applying Trimming Mode, the software automatically trims 1mm around the edges to produce a clean scanned image, without any unwanted white space.

In the event of a slightly skewed page entering the scanner, the De-skew function detects the skewed angle based on the content in the document, and automatically rectifies it and straightens the scanned image.

When Photo Mode is activated, scanned images of photographs and documents with colored content will become more vibrant, better resembling the colour quality of the
scanned originals.

Shadow removal, an optional feature, automatically detects and removes dark colored edges in the scanned document.

Superb connectivity for greater efficiency

Users will enjoy scanning wirelessly to their PC or mobile devices with the optional WU10.

“The imageFORMULA P-215II and P-208II help users do more, work less in that regard, providing a portable plug-and-play solution for their document digitisation needs,” said Teoh.

As an improvement to WU10, Network Monitor has been introduced to allow smooth switching of host devices around the scanner.

When the Network Monitor application is run on the PC, it acts as a switch, enabling a connection to be swiftly established automatically among host devices.

The imageFORMULA P-208II and P-215II support both Mac and Windows operating systems, and offer Scan to Cloud functionality with compatibility for cloud applications such as Evernote and Google Docs.

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