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Leveraging technology to provide better healthcare

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Today, we put the focus on a primary care doctor practicing in Punggol – to get a feel of what it’s like running a GP clinic in a residential neighbourhood in Singapore.

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Dr. Paul Ang founded Zenith Medical Clinic in Punggol, Singapore. Visit its website for location and opening hours

Dr. Paul Ang founded Zenith Medical Clinic in Punggol, Singapore. Visit its website for location and opening hours

Dr. Paul Ang belongs to a new generation of young doctors establishing themselves as the community’s trusted general practitioners (GPs), providing primary care to the residents in Punggol.

Dr. Ang’s clinical interests include Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT), Mental Health and Wellness, and Paediatrics.

Dr. Ang’s clinical interests include Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT), Mental Health and Wellness, and Paediatrics.

As a millennial, Dr. Ang is tech savvy and fully cognizant of the importance of harnessing technology to reap improvements to traditional work processes.

Having spent the past three and a half years practicing at Zenith, the Gen-Y doctor’s greatest frustration is with the typical fluctuations of patient volumes at GP clinics.

As most practitioners or patients would have observed, a typical primary care clinic can be really crowded at times eg. on Saturdays and Mondays, and at different times of the day.

With many traditional first-come-first-serve basis, the staff has to cope with long lines of patients vying for an earlier time slot, with tempers occasionally flaring up.


Clarity CEO Soon Ong’s vision is to help customers visualise their AV needs

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Service quality, coupled with product knowledge and deep experience enables Clarity staff to understand what their customers need and come up with a customised solution that combines the best of breed from multiple brands to offer the best performance for the buck.

A living room at Tanglin Rd.

A living room at Tanglin Rd. Photo credit: Clarity

I first met the affable CEO of Clarity Group during his recent launch of the Datasat RS20i Digital Audio Processor in Singapore.

Soon Ong, CEO of Clarity Group

Soon Ong, CEO of Clarity Group. Photo credit: Clarity

We met up again today for a 30-minute interview that spilled into an hour-long conversation about the state of the AV industry and his vision for the homegrown company that his great-grandfather founded 83 years ago in 1929.

Himself a music enthusiast that plays the guitar and spends his personal time writing, producing and recording music, Soon emphasises the importance of getting a clear understanding of the customer’s needs before recommending any systems.

He believes in delivering a total AV solution that is customised to the customer’s needs and comprising a mix-and-match of the best of class components from different brands to offer a true-to-life AV experience that is also value-for-money.

Soon reckons that the hardware components account for only half of the performance of an AV solution – other factors such as the room design and materials are also critical.

Private cinema at Gallop Park

Private cinema at Gallop Park. Photo credit: Clarity

That is why Clarity does not sell any “cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf AV systems” that are commonly sold in electrical outlets.

“I rather have people who know their products well, than have sales staff that market a mediocre product well,” intimated Soon Ong, CEO, Clarity Group.

Soon feels his staff can value-add by selecting the best and most suitable components and by advising on the set-up and optimisation of the customer’s sound room or private cinema.

The expertise is also monetised in the form of consultancy services for commercial properties and establishments.

From the cordial chat that I had with Soon, the impression that I came away with was that this was someone who felt passionate about music and technology – whose primary concern was in giving his customers the best performance for the money they are spending.

Clarity Experience Centre

Soon plans to set up an concept demo cum experience centre in the first quarter of 2013 which will help customers visualise what they need and conceptualise what they want from the advanced technologies showcased at the centre.

“与新加坡音响影视公司Clarity Group 总裁 Soon Ong 闲聊。听他畅谈对于视听设备与科技的见解以及对未来的展望。” – 科技点心(微薄)

The experience centre will comprise five sections – the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the private cinema, and the bedroom.

The different sections represent different market segments, including HDB/condominium living rooms and kitchens; luxury private cinemas; hotels and service apartments; as well as restaurants and boardrooms.