New arrival: 4 Canon PIXMA inkjet printers for photos & SOHO

Canon has launched today 4 new PIXMA inkjet all-in-one printers. The TS9170 (S$329), TS8170 (S$299) and TS5170 (S$189) are photo all-in-one printers, while the TR8570 (S$289) is a business all-in-one printer. Available 25 September, 2017.

Canon PIXMA TS9170 photo all-in-one inkjet printer (S$329).

Hot on the heels of Epson’s launch of the rival’s L-series ink tank printers yesterday, Canon has launched four new models in its PIXMA series of inkjet printers.

Canon’s new lineup is skewed more towards photo printing – three out of the four new models are photo all-in-one printers while the fourth is targeted at small businesses and SOHOs.

Canon PIXMA TS8170 photo all-in-one inkjet printer (S$299).

Below are the details of the new printers from the press release.

Bringing Memories to Life with Dynamic and Personalised Prints through Canon’s Latest PIXMA Printers

Packed in a stylish form with innovative features like the six-colour ink system and message-in-print app, the new PIXMA printers redefine the power of printing for homes and small offices

SINGAPORE, 20 September 2017 – Canon today announced the launch of the newest PIXMA TS9170, TS8170, TS5170 photo all-in-one and the PIXMA TR8570 office all-in-one printers.

This new line-up of printers boasts of a unique feature that is set to reinvent the way we remember our favourite moments of friends and family.

With the new Message in Print app, a physical photo print is more than meets the eye with the use of technology that enables messages to be embedded within photos as a surprise for the recipient.

The flagship Canon PIXMA TS9170 lends a touch of elegance to any modern home with its champagne gold lid and black chassis, while the PIXMA TS8170 comes in stylish black, dynamic red and minimalist white.

Changing The Way Memories are Captured in Print

Imagine a heartwarming birthday greeting that carries voices and sounds from an actual celebration, or a photo postcard of a concert that emits the very tunes being played at the performance.

The new Message in Print app makes all these possible.

Canon PIXMA TS5170 photo all-in-one inkjet printer (S$189).

Allowing for personalised messages with animations or links to web videos to be embedded in any photo, the meaningful surprise can be delivered simply through viewing the photo via the Message in Print app.

True Colour Fidelity with Photo Blue for Beautiful Photos

Canon’s new 6-ink system delivers breathtaking colour reproduction with an expanded colour gamut.

With the new Photo Blue ink in the 6-ink systems for the PIXMA TS9170 and TS8170, photos graininess are minimised to reveal finer details.

Canon PIXMA TR8570 photo all-in-one inkjet printer (S$289).

With ink cartridges available in standard and XL capacities, small businesses can enjoy lower costs of print using XL cartridge on the PIXMA TR8570 Office All-In-One printer.

Seamless, Low Energy Connectivity

With wireless connectivity, users can print and scan photos and documents directly from a mobile device, to deliver the convenience of printing on-the-go.

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, users can always stay connected to PIXMA printers via the Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY app.

The new Canon PIXMA printers were launched in Singapore at FOO’D by Davide Oldani restaurant at Empress Place.

Besides enjoying the convenience of printing anytime, anywhere, they can enjoy easy wireless printer setup, and receive status alerts such as low-ink notifications or when there is no paper in the tray, simply by being within Bluetooth discoverable range of the printer.

User-Intuitive Functions Packed into a Sleek Form

Equipped with a large 5” touch-screen display mounted on a tilt panel, users can enjoy a variety of creative filters to achieve special effects like monochrome and sepia in their prints, when printing from memory cards on the PIXMA TS9170.

Similarly, the PIXMA TS8170 and TR8570 feature an adjustable tilt panel that houses the 4.3” touch-screen LCD, making it perfect for consumers who want a versatile printer without needing to compromise on speed and productivity.

As a space-saving all-rounder, the PIXMA TS5170 features a 2.5” LCD on an adjustable tilt panel, which makes it easy to operate and view menu options.

Maximising Work Productivity

With the ability to load paper in two directions (rear tray and cassette tray), users can switch easily between two different paper types, such as plain paper and glossy photo paper.

“Canon’s new line of PIXMA printers complements life’s best moments through its ability to preserve and share memories on-the-go, with double the dynamism. Designed in a compact form to blend seamlessly into home offices or even parties, the stylish printers are superb for daily printing needs with the new Photo Blue ink in its six-colour ink system that guarantees vibrant and stunning prints”, said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore.

Those that do need to print a large number of documents can even fill both trays with A4 plain paper for a combined paper capacity of up to 200 sheets.

The automatic duplex printing function enables both time and cost savings through eliminating the need to manually reverse a previously printed stack.

Additionally, the PIXMA TR8570 also features a time-saving Automatic Document Feeder that can load up to 20-sheets of documents for scanning or copying.

The Document Removal Reminder function is yet another useful feature for ensuring document security.

When a document is left on the scanner glass after a scan or copy, a notification on the LCD panel and an audio alert prompts the user to remove their original document left on the scanner platen.

The ID Card Copying function allows double-sided ID cards to be scanned onto a single printout, while retaining the original card size.

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