Travel Photography – “Beyond Boundaries” by Laxmi Kaul

The “Beyond Boundaries” photo exhibition showcases Laxmi’s photos from multiple visits to the Kashmir. This story first appeared on The Travel Memoir.

Here you can see the photographer, Laxmi Kaul with one of her subjects. A juxtaposition of the modern Indian woman with one in traditional garb.

Here you can see the photographer, Laxmi Kaul with one of her subjects.. A juxtaposition of the modern Indian woman with one in traditional garb.

Beyond Boundaries presents Laxmi Kaul and her journey with the people and nomads of Kashmir, where life is about simplicity, serenity and sincerity.

“After shooting in a highly turbulent & conflict–ridden area, I have realized that it is the everyday lives of the people living there that matter to me. They are the ones who makes me want to go back to and continue to narrate their stories. Their daily lives & cultures. I have discovered there is something special in the everyday; for one, we are alive,” said Laxmi Kaul.

What goes on around the borders?

Sometimes life is about the unplanned moments, the appreciation of nature and how civilisations interact.

Laxmi Kaul is a self -taught professional photographer, having started photography at a young age when she saw her father’s passion for making images.

Since then, she has never looked back.

Despite being a commercial photographer, she still holds people and documentary photography closest to her heart.

Laxmi connects with spirituality in daily life and travels with a patriotic zeal.

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This photo is one of many beautiful shots that Laxmi Kaul is exhibiting at the Leica Galleries Singapore at Raffles Hotel Singapore from now till 5 December, 2016. Photo credit: Laxmi Kaul.

She believes the camera is her tool and photography is an extension of her very being.

“My experiences with the extraordinary, ordinary people, be it anywhere in the world has changed me as a photographer & a human. My people were once strangers, but I have developed personal bonds with some and they now enrich my emotional archives forever. And so, I document it all in the only way I know. Through my photographs,” Laxmi added.

In conclusion, Laxmi shared that, for her, photography was both a beautiful art form and a means of communication.

They go hand in hand and to lose sight of one aspect is to lose sight of both.

It was a quest for capturing the emotion in a moment – silently, spiritually with pride and positive impulsiveness, as if telling a very human story.

The “Beyond Boundaries” exhibition will be on display from now till the 5th of December 2016 at Leica Galerie Singapore at the Raffles Hotel Arcade (328 North Bridge Rd, #01-18, Singapore 188719)

Hours are from 10am – 8pm daily.

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