New App: TomTom MyDrive on iOS/Android

The app introduces TomTom Traffic Checker to keep you apprised of the real-time traffic situation.

TomTom MyDrive app uses TomTom Traffic Checker to provide users with live traffic information.

TomTom MyDrive app uses TomTom Traffic Checker to provide users with live traffic information.

The app allows you to pre-plan your waypoints and itinerary before the journey and have them synced with your TomTom portable navigation devices (PND), instead of keying in the data directly on the PND.

On the journey itself, you can connect your mobile device to your TomTom (via the Internet) and receive real-time traffic information while driving.

More details from the press release below.

The ‘commuter dilemma’ – knowing when to leave home to get to work on time – has just been solved, thanks to the launch of an innovative, service from TomTom.

It’s called TomTom Traffic Checker, and it is available, from today, on the free TomTom MyDrive app.

“Commuters don’t have it easy – the daily grind of getting to, and from, work, can be incredibly frustrating. At TomTom, we’re absolutely obsessed with making driving a more relaxed experience. Based on feedback from our customers, we developed Traffic Checker for TomTom MyDrive. Now drivers will better understand when they need to leave the house, or the office, to get to their destination on time. TomTom has finally solved the headache of the commuter dilemma,” said Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director, TomTom consumer.

TomTom’s revolutionary new MyDrive Traffic Checker service has been created to provide personalised notifications on drivers’ smartphones so that they can understand if, and why, there is traffic congestion on their commute.

In addition, the notifications allow the driver to tap through to the MyDrive app to see the fastest available route to their destination.

Routes can be transferred to a TomTom navigation device by clicking a button in the app.

MyDrive is available for iOS and Android devices on the Apple App Store and Google Play and is also accessible via desktop at on PCs and laptops.

On the iOS version of MyDrive, drivers can view a personalised widget to check delays on their commute.

On the Android version, drivers see a personalised notification.

The MyDrive app showcases TomTom’s accurate maps, insanely accurate traffic information, and smart routing.

This combination is what makes the TomTom driving experience so unique.

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