New arrivals: TomTom Traffic and 3 new GO GPS PND models

TomTom today launched in Singapore three new TomTom GO GPS portable navigation devices – GO 50 (S$249), GO 500 (S$299) and GO 600 (S$349) – as well as new live Traffic updates feature for their use in Singapore.

TomTom GO 500. S$299

TomTom GO 500. S$299

The new PNDs feature a completely fresh user interface with lifetime TomTom Traffic and map updates.

“Where navigation used to be about getting people to unfamiliar destinations, we are now empowering drivers with easy access to the information they need to make the smartest driving decisions, every day. The new TomTom GO is an essential daily driving tool, helping Singaporean drivers to get out of traffic, and get to their destinations faster,” says Chris Kearney, Vice President of TomTom Consumer, Asia Pacific.

They also ship with an interactive map featuring 3D buildings and landmarks, giving drivers the ability to know what is going on around them, as well as what lies ahead.

The new series of GO PNDs allow users to view traffic incidents in detail and receive traffic jam alerts, so that they can take the fastest detours available.

With a screen that easily zooms in and out, drivers can find, and explore places on the brand new interactive map, and tap on the map to get an instant route to their destination.

The new TomTom GO series comprises the following models and is currently available at retailers such as Challenger and Harvey Norman.

TomTom Key specs
GO 50


5.0” touch screen, Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Maps
GO 500


5.0” capacitive fully interactive touch screen, Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Maps
GO 600


6” capacitive fully interactive touch screen, Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Maps

Lifetime TomTom Traffic

The new TomTom GO series comes with Lifetime TomTom Traffic. TomTom’s live traffic information pinpoints exactly where delays begin and end, helping drivers to get to their destinations faster.

TomTom GO 600. S$349.

TomTom GO 600. S$349

Drivers can connect to TomTom Traffic via Smartphone Connected. It also comes with the following features:

  • Traffic overview: Drivers can view the full picture of all of the traffic jams around them. Zoom in for a close-up view and zoom out for a bird’s-eye view.
  • Traffic detail: Drivers can view traffic incidents in detail and know exactly which roads are congested, the length of the delay and what is causing the delay.
  • Traffic jam alerts: Drivers know exactly where a traffic jam starts and ends. Drivers receive alerts if they are approaching a jam too fast.
  • Alternative route viewer / Fastest route: Drivers will always be offered the fastest route available.
  • Accurate arrival time: Real-time traffic information ensures that the driver’s arrival time is constantly updated and accurate.
TomTom GO 50 GPS PND. S$249

TomTom GO 50 GPS PND. S$249

Other features of the new TomTom Go Series

  • Lifetime Maps: Always drive with the latest map. For the life of the product, drivers can download four, or more, full updates of the Southeast Asia map onto the device, every year.
  • 3D Maps: Buildings and landmarks are brought to life in 3D, so that drivers always know exactly where they are.
  • Route Bar: Essential traffic and travel information at a glance. The Route Bar shows precise traffic on the road ahead.
  • Quick Search: Drivers can find their destination faster with intuitive search results. Quick Search starts finding destinations as soon as the driver starts typing.
  • My Places: Drivers can see their favourite locations on the map. This makes it easier to find and navigate to their favourite locations every day.
  • Alternative Route Planner: Drivers can see alternative routes when planning a trip, and select the one that best suits them.

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