Review: Roborock Q Revo Do-it-all Value Robot Vacuum Mop

The Roborock Q Revo offers EVERYTHING that a robot vacuum mop can do on the market today but at an affordable price level – ideal for the user looking for both performance and value-for-money.

The Roborock Q Revo robot vacuum mop retails in Singapore at S$1,299.90 on its official stores on Lazada and Shopee. Purchase during online promotions to enjoy substantial discounts of the RRP.

The Roborock Q Revo robot vacuum mop retails in Singapore at S$1,299.90 on its official stores on Lazada and Shopee. Purchase during online promotions to enjoy substantial discounts of the RRP. Dog & plant not included.

So robot home cleaners started out as just autonomous vacuum cleaners which do the basic task of being able to cover the entire floor area of wherever it has been put to work – to suck up dust and dirt into the dustbin onboard the robot.

Then a mop cloth was slapped on with a water dispenser to keep the cloth wet, so that the robot could mop the floor surface.


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Roborock Q Revo freshly unboxed.

Robot vacuum mops were simple, usually round, devices with a charging dock.

In these early days, some didn’t vacuum too well while others didn’t mop too cleanly, they got easily stuck and many weren’t able to cover the entire floor area properly.

Overtime, these basic performances improved while new features were added, mainly to the dock station.

Their price tags also escalated correspondingly.

Roborock Q Revo with top cover opened and dustbin out. The docking station is to the right.

Roborock Q Revo with top cover opened and dustbin out. The docking station is to the right.

Today, docking stations can automatically refill the water container onboard the robot, wash the mop cloths, and empty the dustbin onboard during a cleaning session and at the end of it.

The latest trend is the ability of the dock to dry the mop cloth after each mopping session.

I’ve been using the Q Revo from Roborock for a while now – it does ALL of the things described above and does them well – all at a price lower than the arm-and-a-leg that other flagship models on the market today cost.


The Q Revo has a strong suction power of 5,500 Pa which is higher than the 3000-4000 rating of many robot vacuums on the market today.

This translates to better cleaning power in terms of sucking up dust and debris from all types of surfaces – I find the floors already feel clean after the Q Revo completes its vacuuming even without mopping.

The Q Revo uses a bristle-free rubber main brush so I don’t have to remove hair that usually gets entangled in the bristles of robot vacuums using bristle-based main brushes.

The dock is able to automatically empty the dustbin onboard the robot into a 2.7L dust bag in the dock after each vacuuming – this removes the need to frequently empty the small onboard dustbin manually as the dust bag only needs to be replaced once every seven weeks (depending on actual usage).


The Q Revo uses two round mop cloths that spin at 200 rpm – I found that it was able to clean up dirt and non-permanent stains from the ground surface.

It also features auto mop lifting which is capable of lifting the mop cloths by up to 7mm – I found this useful in places where I have carpets since the Q Revo could automatically sense and identify the carpets, raise the mop cloths to pause mopping whilst continuing with vacuuming the carpet surface.

Because of this, the Q Revo can complete the vacuum+mop cleaning of a room in a single go – instead of vacuuming floor+carpet in one run, and mopping just the floor in a subsequent run).

The dock has a clean water tank with a large 5L capacity for topping up the water container onboard the robot – enabling a mopping range of up to 400 sqm (4,305 sqft).


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Roborock Q Revo with twin round mops at the bottom, as well as the rubber main brush and bristle side brush. The docking station with the grey-coloured detachable cleaning base is in the background.

It also has a large dirty water tank with a 5L capacity – the large capacities of the two tanks reduce the frequency needed to refill the clean water tank and empty the dirty water tank.

The dock washes the mop pads against the dock base to clean them during and after each mopping session.

For easy maintenance, the cleaning base in the dock is detachable so that it is really easy to just put the base under a running tap to clean it – this is much more convenient than cleaning the dock for most docking stations.

What I love is the self-drying feature in the dock, which dries the mop cloths completely after mopping using warm air at 45 degrees Celsius – this is really useful in preventing mould and unpleasant odours, especially in our humid weather.


The Q Revo uses the PreciSense LiDAR navigation system onboard to map out your home and figure out an optimal route to clean everywhere.

I like the quick mapping feature which maps a new environment really rapidly (without cleaning) so that I could start designating which rooms or zones I want the Q Revo to clean – without having to make it do a FULL mapping-cum-cleaning run.

My Take

The Roborock Q Revo is real value-for-money offering ALL the features a robot vacuum mop is currently capable of – at a price lower than flagship models in the market – and it cleans just as well too.

The Q Revo has a 3D map display which I don’t use because I prefer the traditional 2-D plan view.

I like the multi-level mapping system which allows the Q Revo to store up to four different maps.

The maps and cleaning records are stored on the Q Revo itself so that you can use any Roborock app from any phone to control the robot and access the maps as long as the app is signed into your Roborock account.

The Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance system (based on its IR sensor) in the Q Revo was able to avoid most obstacles on its path although it does ensnare light cables – I tend to clear the room of small objects anyway in case they get sucked in by the vacuum.

Roborock App

The Q Revo can be controlled using the Roborock App or Xiaomi Home app, with similar features available for other robot vacuum mops made by Roborock.

You can get the Q Revo to vacuum and mop simultaneously, or just mop or vacuum; control the suction strength of the vacuuming; the wetness of the mopping; the thoroughness of the cleaning route and the settings for dock eg. auto-emptying etc.

The app also enables you to do a Full cleaning of the entire map, or just a room or zone cleaning.

You can also physically place or remote-control the Q Revo to a desired location to do some spot cleaning.

The map can also be edited to name and demarcate room boundaries, furniture, no-go zones, invisible walls etc.

The Q Revo is also compatible with the major voice assistants viz. Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri shortcuts although I tend to use the Roborock app since it allows me to tweak the details settings for the cleaning session.

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  1. Jackie Lim says:

    How does it compare with the S8 Pro Ultra or the S7 MaxV Ultra?

    • tech4tea says:

      Those are the flagship models from Roborock which are priced higher than the Q Revo. Some reviewers feel they mop better, avoid obstacles better than the Q Revo and uses more premium materials/finishing.

      I’ve used all three models and I find perhaps only that the Q Revo seems to eat up light cables more often. Mopping efficacy and materials wise, I don’t see any discernible difference.

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