New Arrival: Cycle & Carriage ORA Good Cat 03 Electric in Singapore

Cycle & Carriage (C&C) has launched the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric in Singapore. The electric vehicle (EV) is the first model in the ORA lineup that C&C is bringing into the country.

The ORA Good Cat 03 Electric, brought in by Cycle & Carriage, offers a stylish and affordable EV option for Singaporeans, equipped with top-notch safety innovations.

The ORA Good Cat 03 Electric, brought in by Cycle & Carriage, offers a stylish and affordable EV option for Singaporeans, equipped with top-notch safety innovations.

The ORA Good Cat 03 Electric is a compact hatchback electric vehicle designed by former Porsche designer Emanuel Derta under the concept of “Retro Futuristic” with a touch of fun.

As a part of the renowned Great Wall Motor (GWM) group, ORA stands for “Open, Reliable, and Alternative” signifying its dedication to shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

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Purr-fectly engineered design for optimal comfort

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the driver’s ventilated seat with massage function is a highlight that sets new industry standards.

This innovative seat is specifically designed to alleviate stress during driving, ensuring a more relaxing journey.

It can be adjusted in six different ways, allowing for optimal driving position and unparalleled comfort.

Additionally, the Memory System with Welcome Seat function automatically recalls pre-set settings, swiftly adjusting the seat to the driver’s preferred position.

A trailblazer in automotive safety innovation

Safety remains a top priority for ORA, and the Good Cat 03 Electric is outfitted with an impressive list of advanced safety features that push the boundaries of automotive safety, designed to prioritise the well-being of both drivers and pedestrians.

“Based on a recent market research we have done, a substantial 67% of existing petrol vehicle car owners indicated that they will likely sell their current ride by 2025, of which half of them are considering switching to an EV or a hybrid car. This marks a positive outlook for us with a large proportion of local drivers going for greener options in the very near future. We are thrilled to introduce the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric into the Singapore market and we look forward to unveiling more sustainable options in partnership with GWM as we embrace the electric revolution together,” said Wilfrid Foo, Managing Director – Direct Motor Interests, Jardine Cycle & Carriage.

One of the standout safety offerings unique to the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric are the Forward Collision Warning with Braking Assist, and Pedestrian/Bicycle Detection which alerts drivers of potential front-end collisions and acts swiftly to apply brakes automatically, mitigating accidents involving other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist features work in harmony to alert drivers of unintended lane drift and actively guide the vehicle back into its lane.

Additionally, the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric’s Intelligent Evade functions provide an added layer of protection during critical situations, steering the vehicle away from potential hazards and maintaining control – a function not seen in any other EVs.

The Intelligent Cruise Control with Cornering Assistance is a sophisticated feature that automatically adjusts the car’s speed based on the presence of a leading vehicle and reduces speed during bends to enhance safety, prevent accidents, and deliver a smoother driving experience.

To enhance parking and maneuvering safety, the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric is equipped with a first-of-its-kind 360-degree View Camera with transparent chassis, significantly reducing blind spots and providing drivers with a comprehensive view of their surroundings.

Discover innovative features that elevate your driving experience

The ORA Good Cat 03 Electric features a fully electric wide panoramic sunroof that redefines the way you connect with the world around you.

Feel the thrill of the open road while enjoying breath-taking scenery and take your driving experience to the next level.

“GWM is a global intelligent technology company with 32 years of automotive manufacturing experience, and a rising brand among Chinese automotive brands in the global market. We are confident that the stylish design, remarkable performance, and advanced features of the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric will captivate Singaporean drivers like it did in other parts of the region such as Thailand and Malaysia. This launch represents our commitment to driving the global transition towards greener transportation, and we extend our gratitude to Cycle & Carriage Singapore for their partnership in this exciting venture,” added Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont, Vice President of Marketing for ASEAN of Great Wall Motor.

The intelligent LED headlamp system ensures exceptional visibility on the road, enhancing safety and confidence during night-time driving.

The unique cat-eye-shaped headlamps come equipped with a range of smart functionalities, including Auto High-Low beam to adapt to various road conditions, a Welcome Home Light system to light your path after parking and Daytime Running Light for increased visibility during the day.

Navigating tight parking spaces has never been easier with the Good Cat 03 Electric’s integrated Auto Parking system.

Whilst most EVs come with two modes of automatic parking assistance, there are three styles of automatic parking assistance equipped in the Good Cat 03 Electric, taking the hassle out of parking by assisting the driver in controlling the steering wheel, detecting obstacles and accurately calculating available parking spaces.

This pioneering feature ensures a stress-free parking experience.

The Good Cat 03 Electric offers a battery unit of 63kWh, impressively delivering up to 420km of range on a single charge.

This exceptional range ensures that Singaporean drivers can confidently navigate both their daily commutes and occasional longer trips with ease, offering a seamless and stress-free driving experience.

The 105kW motor also qualifies for a lower-priced Cat A COE in Singapore, presenting additional cost-saving benefits for environmentally conscious drivers.

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  1. Lex Harrod says:

    Are they bringing in all three variants?

    • tech4tea says:

      No. Cycle & Carriage is only bringing in one variant into Singapore for now. Perhaps later they’ll bring in additional variants, like the three in Thailand.

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