Event: Sony Launches 2022 Bravia XR TVs in Singapore

Sony launched its 2022 Bravia XR TVs with Mini LED in Singapore at the ArtScience Museum. Here are highlights of the 2022 Bravia XR Lineup.


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The new Bravia XR television series from Sony Electronics includes the MASTER Series A90K and A80K 4K OLED models, the X95K 4K Mini LED model and X90K 4K LED model.

The models and price & availability of the 2022 Bravia XR TVs in Singapore can be found here.

Key highlights of the 2022 Sony Bravia XR Lineup include the following.

  • Cognitive Processor XR
  • XR Backlight Master Drive
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+/Acoustic Multi-Audio
  • 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser
  • Elevate the Experience with Sony’s Sound Products
  • Ambient Optimisation Pro
  • Google TV
  • Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode
  • Perfect for PlayStation5
  • Commitment to Sustainability

More details below from the press release.

2022 Sony Bravia XR Lineup Highlights

Cognitive Processor XR™: Take vision and sound to the next level with Cognitive Processor XR™. Our revolutionary processor on Sony BRAVIA XR™ TVs reproduces content the way humans see and hear for an incredibly lifelike experience. Images are cross analysed and enhanced, especially around the focal point, to give real life depth, extraordinary contrast, and beautifully vivid colours.

XR Backlight Master Drive: Powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, the XR Backlight Master Drive uses a Sony-developed local dimming algorithm to control thousands of tiny, ultra-dense Mini LEDs with absolute precision and independence, delivering extraordinary brightness, impressive dynamic range, deep blacks, and beautifully natural colours.

Acoustic Surface Audio+™/Acoustic Multi-Audio™: For a truly immersive audio/visual experience, these powerful features ensure that sound matches precisely with what’s on the screen.

360 Spatial Sound Personaliser: In combination with BRAVIA XR TVs, this technology offers a perfectly optimised spatial sound experience for neckband speakers, like Sony’s SRS-NS7, as well as select Sony headphones – all with minimal configuration. Dedicated apps even personalise the cinematic sound field by analysing users’ individual ear shape.


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The new Sony Bravia XR TVs were launched in Singapore in the ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands.

Elevate the Experience with Sony’s Sound Products: Sony’s new BRAVIA XR TVs are an excellent match for an array of Sony sound products, such as the HT-A9 Home Theatre System or the HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 soundbars. 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, a new frontier of spatial sound technology, is the latest addition to models HT-A7000 and HT-A5000. By calibrating sound to the chosen viewing room, the technology creates multiple optimally arranged phantom speakers for a wider and more immersive cinematic sound field. Using the Acoustic Center Sync feature, a BRAVIA XR TV plays the center channel role with the home theatre system or soundbar as part of the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping setup, enabling sound to perfectly match what’s on the screen.

BRAVIA CAM: This innovative technology ensures users always have the best seat in the house by optimising picture and sound quality. BRAVIA CAM also offers gesture controls, video chat and many other fun, new experiences.

Ambient Optimisation Pro: Users can connect their BRAVIA XR TV with BRAVIA CAM and enjoy TV like never before. BRAVIA CAM recognises where users are in the room and how far they are from the TV, then adjusts sound and picture settings so they’re just right.

Google TV: Brings together more than 700,000 movies, shows, live TV and more from apps and subscriptions and organises seamlessly. Easily find something to watch with personalised recommendations and bookmark shows and movies to a single Watchlist to keep track of what to watch. Users can even add to their Watchlist from their phone or laptop with Google Search.

BRAVIA CORE: BRAVIA CORE2 app is a pre-loaded movie service that includes up to 10 movies to redeem and up to 24 months unlimited streaming with the purchase of a BRAVIA XR TV. With BRAVIA XR technology, Pure Stream™ and IMAX® Enhanced, content is delivered with stunning visuals and expressive sound quality. With BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode, movies will automatically adjust to the optimal picture settings to create a truly exceptional at-home movie viewing experience. Over time, the app experience will be enriched with new features. BRAVIA CORE will be available in over 75 countries in 2022.

Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode: A new display mode that leverages Sony’s BRAVIA XR ambient light sensor to ensure that the artistic intent is preserved in all lighting conditions. Sony’s close collaboration with Netflix on this feature means viewers can enjoy Netflix content with precise colours, accurate contrast, and true motion, whether the content is enjoyed in a dark or well-lit environment.

Perfect for PlayStation®5: Pair a BRAVIA XR TV with a PlayStation®5 console to get a fantastic gaming experience. Only BRAVIA XR TVs automatically adjust and optimise the picture to the best settings for the PlayStation®5 console, whether it’s used for gaming or watching a movie. With immersive picture and sound, users will feel like they’re right in the middle of the action. And with 4K/120fps, as specified in HDMI 2.1, our TVs give smooth and clear movement for responsive gameplay.

Commitment to Sustainability: Sony is committed to sustainability from the development process all the way through to the viewing experience. This year, select models use Sony-developed SORPLAS™, a 99% recycled plastic material that has reduced the amount of virgin plastic used by up to 60%. TV packaging size has also been reduced by approximately 15% and features a significant reduction in ink (approx. 90%) and plastic (approx. 35%). Additionally, BRAVIA CAM can recognise when viewers are no longer in front of the TV and dim the display to conserve energy.

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  1. Jessica Lim says:

    The bravia cam looks interesting. Can I use it for video conferencing?

    • tech4tea says:

      Yes you can! It also uses visual and audio cues to sense where the viewers are seated to auto adjust the volume, or to switch off the TV when the viewers have left the vicinity.

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