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Event: IFA 2020 Special Edition – Day 1 Opening

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

IFA, gfu and GfK opened the IFA 2020 Special Edition (3-5 September) in Berlin with a mix of the virtual and the real.

Opening day of IFA 2020 Special Edition (3-5 September) in Berlin.

Opening day of IFA 2020 Special Edition (3-5 September) in Berlin.

The successful opening of the IFA 2020 Special Edition has expressed the confidence of organisers gfu and GfK that the tech industry is ready to bounce back from the disruption and economic uncertainties of the pandemic.

“When it comes to doing business, nothing beats the personal connection. This is why having IFA 2020 as a real-life event is such an important sign. It is a symbol to show that together we can look beyond the pandemic and its consequences. There is a normal ahead, and now it is up to industry, retailers, media and consumers to build and shape the ‘normal’ that is going to emerge,” said Jens Heithecker, Executive Director IFA Berlin, highlighting the significance and symbolism of this year’s industry gathering in Berlin.

The IFA Global Press Conference was attended by international media who have traveled to Berlin and thousands others around the world who were following the event at the IFA Xtended Space, both live and on demand.

Qualcomm’s IFA 2020 presentation highlights the role of technology in a Covid-19 world, with its
President Cristiano Amon reprising an IFA keynote this year, giving a foretaste of what we’ll see going forward.

Walter Ji, President of Huawei Consumer BG, Europe also shared Huawei’s vision of the future and the company’s deep commitment to Europe.

LG Electronics will host a “Life’s Good from Home” theme at IFA 2020, where the company will explore new possibilities for enhancing home living which has become so crucial in recent unprecedented times.

As part of the IFA 2020 Special Edition, the exhibitors at “SHIFT Mobility meets IFA NEXT” will be presenting forward-looking innovations from mobility, consumer and home electronics.

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