New Arrival: Hawkermatic to Roll Out Kopimatic Coffee-Making Machine

Local foodtech startup Hawkermatic has gotten early-stage VC funding to roll out Kopimatic to coffee-shops in Singapore in August.

Founder Jason Thai demos an earlier version of Kopimatic at the NTUC Foodfare headquarters.

Founder Jason Thai demos an earlier version of Kopimatic at the NTUC Foodfare headquarters.

The fully automated Kopimatic is designed for coffeeshops, drinks stalls, HK & TW style restaurants, as well as bread and cake shops.

“We are delighted to welcome Farquhar VC on board who brings tremendous domain expertise, value and their users as we grow the business in Singapore and regionally. Kopimatic had been previewed by dozens of coffeeshop chain owners, and in the new Covid-19 and pandemic environment, automation is increasingly sought after, and we have taken their commercial inputs and feedback into our planned rollout system,” said Jason Thai, founder of Hawkermatic.

The user pours coffee powder or tea into the brewer, and with a press of a single button, kopi and teh is brewed and pumped into a mixer, with evaporated, condensed milk and sugar solution stored in separate tanks to be added with the same consistency for every single cup.

The staff can follow POS numbers or keypress any standard coffeeshop drink, mixed and configured by micro-controllers to the same standard specific taste for the shop.

The Kopimatic comes in standard coffeeshop counter-top size, and taps into the existing plumbing.

Leasing the machine costs from S$250 per month, upon automation grant approval.

More details below from the press release.

Hawkermatic has closed a high six-figure Venture Capital round of funding for the patent-pending Kopimatic system, which will be rolled out into various coffeeshops and chains from August 2020.

“A daily community staple – Nanyang coffee and milk tea in coffee shops – varies greatly across shops, and in some instances can taste really off. FVC has led this investment into Kopimatic as we believe that it will bring consistently well brewed Nanyang drinks to the market. The technology had been tested by Jason for a few years, and having taste tested together with a few coffee chains bosses, support the efficiency and productivity gains that Kopimatic will bring to drink stalls islandwide.” said Wong Sang Wuoh, CEO of Farquhar VC.

The Made-In-Singapore product was invented by a coffeeshop operator and founder Jason Thai, who had to endure lack of skilled kopi Tao Chiew, inconsistent standards, absenteeism.

Out of frustration and necessity, he used his mechanical engineering skills and completed the most recent version of the machine with inputs from a mechanical engineering firm.

Hawkermatic joins recent coffee related ventures that have snagged tech funding such as Indonesian based Kopi Kenangan, which has raised US$28 million over 3 rounds, and Xiamen-based US listed Luckin Coffee, with its outlets outnumbering Starbucks in China.

Hawkermatic targets to roll out 1,000 Kopimatic systems by 2022.

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