SGMotorshow2020: Hyundai Venue, Ioniq Hybrid & Ioniq Electric

Komoco Motors brings in more electrified powertrains of Hyundai in its commitment to a sustainable environmentally-friendly future.


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Hyundai launches the 2020 Hyundai Venue with Smartstream Gamma II 1.6 engine – at the Singapore Motorshow 2020.

The Singapore Motorshow 2020 saw the Southeast Asia debut of Hyundai’s sub-compact urban SUV – Hyundai Venue, equipped with new Smartstream Gamma II 1.6 engine with Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT).

Its second generation electrification was manifested in the newly enhanced Ioniq Hybrid with a refreshed design; as well as the launch of the new Ioniq Electric with upgraded 38.3-kWh battery, capable of achieving a range of 311 km in total.

Enhancements to existing models include the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 with enhanced SmartSense, Advanced Safety and Convenience Technologies; as well as the locally enhanced Hyundai Avante 1.6.

More details below from the press release.

Southeast Asia debut of Hyundai’s much awaited sub-compact urban SUV – Hyundai Venue with Smartstream™ Gamma II 1.6 engine with Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT)

The much awaited sub-compact SUV to complete Hyundai’s SUV lineup, together with the Hyundai Palisade, is the all-new 2020 Hyundai Venue with Smartstream™ Gamma II 1.6 engine.

“The future for mobility is zero-emission and that message has become even more critical now. Adoption for electric cars will eventually come and Hyundai has been at the forefront driving the sustainable motion with full electric and fuel cell electric. We are proud that Hyundai has developed an extensive range of green cars and we will be bringing in more of such cars to cater to Singaporeans,” said Teo Hock Seng, Executive Chairman of Komoco Motors.

Two trims are available locally: Venue and Venue “S”.

European styled design provides a unique character and ignites a fresh alternative in the compact crossover segment.

Venue is the perfect fit for those seeking a seamless combination of style and versatility.

Built in Ulsan, Korea, Venue is the seventh and latest Hyundai model to join its larger siblings within the SUV family, including the North American Utility of the Year Kona and Kona Electric, Tucson, Santa Fe, the 8-passenger Palisade and NEXO (both not available locally yet).

New Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid and Electric features 2nd generation electrification technology

It has been 2 years since the IONIQ range (Hybrid, Electric and Plug-in Hybrid) was launched globally.

Launch of new IONIQ Electric with upgraded 38.3-kWh battery, capable of achieving a range of 311 km in total.

Launch of new IONIQ Electric with upgraded 38.3-kWh battery, capable of achieving a range of 311 km in total.

This world-first (offering 3 powertrain in a single body-type) is presenting the 2nd generation of electrification with a refreshed Hybrid and Electric edition, with added technological features and a refreshed look.

“It will take time and incentives to convert car owners to adopt electric cars but it is changing, slowly and surely. With a bigger network of chargers this year, finding a charger and adapting to charging habits will no longer be the major drawback. The real challenge is mindset. To help inject confidence, we are charging ahead to bring in more green cars, with a wide ranging set of offers,” added Teo.

The new IONIQ features SmartSense™ active safety and driving assistance systems and state-of-the-art infotainment features.

In addition, both the exterior and interior design receive updates, while drivers of the new IONIQ Electric can also enjoy 36% added energy capacity thanks to an upgraded 38.3-kWh battery.

The new IONIQ Electric’s battery has been upgraded from 28 kWh to 38.3 kWh, meaning drivers can go even further between charges.

It boasts 36% additional energy storage capacity, offering a total of 311 km of range (internal target under WLTP regulations).

Newly enhanced IONIQ Hybrid with refreshed design.

Newly enhanced IONIQ Hybrid with refreshed design.

Its e-motor delivers a maximum power of 136 PS and 295 Nm of torque and is fitted standard with a 7.2-kW on-board charger – an upgrade from current 6.6-kW – for Type 2 AC charging.

“From mileage range to features and price, it is wide enough to cater to different segments. Once people understand and start to reap the benefits of electric car, they will be your best ambassadors for sustainability. For now, we also provide immediate solutions to introduce Hyundai Venue which is equipped with the New Smartstream™ Gamma II 1.6 engine with Intelligent Variable Transmission that improves fuel economy and efficiency, and thus maintaining its eco-friendliness,” said Teo.

Using a 100-kW fast-charging station, the battery can reach 80% charge in as little as 54 minutes.

The newly enhanced IONIQ Hybrid features the known Kappa 1.6-litre GDI, direct-injection petrol four-cylinder engine delivering maximum power of 105 PS and 147 Nm of torque.

The IONIQ Hybrid’s permanent magnet electric motor delivers 43.5 PS (32 kW) with maximum torque of 170 Nm, powered by a lithium-ion-polymer battery with 1.56 kWh capacity positioned under the rear seats.

In combination with the 1.6-litre GDI engine IONIQ Hybrid delivers a system output of 96.7 kW (131 PS) and up to 265 Nm of torque.

The electric motor enables the IONIQ Hybrid to operate in pure electric mode at speeds up to 120 km/h.

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