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CES 2020: LG CordZero ThinQ Vacuum Cleaners & Mops

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

LG will be showcasing during CES 2020 its new cord-free cleaning products with new mopping capabilities.

LG CordZeroThinQ A9 with Power Drive Mop (in the photo) & LG CordZero ThinQ Robotic Mop will be showcased at CES 2020.

LG CordZero ThinQ A9 with Power Drive Mop (in the photo) & LG CordZeroThinQ Robotic Mop will be showcased at CES 2020.

The LG CordZeroThinQ A9 Stick Vacuum offers vacuuming and mopping from a single stick-type device, while the new CordZeroThinQ Robotic Mop combines LG’s robotics and appliance knowhow in a compact package.

“With more consumers today opting for hard floors, it was apparent that vacuums alone wouldn’t satisfy everyone. By leveraging our technological expertise and in-depth understanding of consumers’ needs, we developed CordZero ThinQ products to handle the most challenging cleaning jobs,” said Dan Song, president of the LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company.

LG’s proprietary Power Drive MopTM technology drives both the CordZeroThinQ A9 and CordZeroThinQ Robotic Mop.

An automatic water supply system enables the two rapidly rotating mop pads to have just the right amount of water to clean without leaving a puddle behind.

To accommodate different types of flooring and cleaning power, users can choose to increase, decrease or completely shut off the flow of water.

More details below from the press release.