New arrival: EB-1470Ui & EB-700U 3LCD laser projectors (ultra-short throw)

Epson has launched the first 3LCD laser ultra-short throw projectors. The company boasts that the EB-1470Ui is the world’s first 3LCD interactive laser ultra-short throw projector. Price below.

Epson’s new 3LCD laser ultra short throw projectors: EB-1470Ui (left), EB-700U (right).

Epson’s new 3LCD laser ultra short throw projectors: EB-1470Ui (left), EB-700U (right).

Combining inorganic 3LCD panels with an inorganic phosphor wheel, the projectors’ laser light source provides up to 20,000 hours of operation with virtually no maintenance needed.

Both the projectors deliver 4,000 lumens of white and colour brightness and WUXGA beyond Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels for a dynamic viewing experience.

The EB-1470Ui (S$5,688) & EB-700U (S$4,688) projectors are now available in Singapore.

More details from the press release below.

EB-1470Ui Display Projector for Corporate/Classrooms

In a first such innovation, the EB-1470Ui projector combines cutting-edge laser light source technology with ultra short throw interactivity, bringing spectacular image quality, durability and interactivity to meetings and classrooms.

It works on nearly any flat surface turning it into an interactive touch enabled digital whiteboard, making it the ideal collaboration solution for the meeting room or classrooms.

The EB-1470Ui supports up to 100-inch screen size, providing better readability and enhancing productivity.

It can also support seamless interactivity across dual screens for a larger-than-life interactive presentation.

Two projectors can be paired side by side to create an ultra-wide interactive screen of up to 177-inch for the classroom or boardroom.

An interactive table top can also be created with the optional table mount.

“With the launch of our first laser ultra-short throw projectors, we continue to drive the laser-phosphor market and to deliver innovative laser projectors that deliver our customers with new experiences and outstanding image quality across our markets. Laser is the future of display technology and we will continue to provide enhanced collaborative experiences, outstanding image quality and with virtually no maintenance, all at an affordable cost,” said Tan May Lin, General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service division of Epson Singapore.

Users can write or draw on Microsoft Office documents with the Microsoft Ink function, and the annotations can be conveniently saved into the PC as a Microsoft office file.

The EB-1470Ui projector enables interactive discussions with an in-built digital interactive whiteboard that can be shared with up to 15 laptops and mobile devices within the network, to view and co-create live drawings and images in real time for active collaboration.

Users can also write on the digital whiteboard or any image projected from a non-PC source such as smart devices, document camera or Blu-ray player, and annotations can be easily saved and shared.

The EB-1470Ui brings advanced connectivity for ease of presentation with the Multi-PC Projection software, enabling up to 50 laptops and mobile devices to connect to a single projector for viewing.

Users can also make use of Microsoft Remote Desktop connectivity of the projectors to conveniently access remote PCs in other locations and project content from them.

Video conferences are powerfully enhanced with the multi-location interactivity feature which enables real-time synchronised interactivity, enabling live drawings to be shared during video calls – ideal for concept sharing or training sessions.

The EB-1470Ui projector comes with multiple connectivity options, including two HDMI ports, one of them MHL-enabled for mirroring of Android mobile devices.

It also comes with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to easily project images, documents and files from Android, iOS smart devices or laptops directly using Epson’s iProjection app or software.

Additionally, the projector supports Miracast wireless screen mirroring of Android mobile devices.

The Epson EB-700U Projector for Large 130-inch Display

The EB-700U projector can project up to 130-inch in portrait or landscape mode and with its ultra-short throw, multi-direction projection capabilities and PC-less functionality, it is ideal to be used as a digital signage for projection in confined retail settings and corporate or public spaces for display.

The EB-700U can be rotated 360 degrees in all directions without any loss in image brightness, making it suitable for projecting on walls, ceilings and floors.

It does not need to be connected to a PC and photo slide shows can be loaded directly from a USB memory key.

The projector starts up within 5 seconds, ensuring smooth and timely displays.

With a contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1, the EB-700U delivers sharpness and crisp image quality even in well-lit environments.

It comes with diverse connectivity options, as well as remote management and control tools for ease of access and maintenance,

The projectors have won a series of awards at the Infocomm 2017 Awards organised by NewBay Media.

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