Event: Epson Solutions & Technology Convention 2016 (ESTC 2016)

Epson showcased its latest smart solutions to show how its new innovations can power the future of businesses.

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“ESTC returns this year to simplify and make intelligent business solutions more accessible to every business,” said Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s General Manager (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division).

“ESTC returns this year to simplify and make intelligent business solutions more accessible to every business,” said Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s General Manager (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division), at ESTC 2016.

The global technology leader in printing, visual communications and digital imaging demonstrated integrated solutions that addressed the varied needs that businesses had in their work processes.

ESTC 2016 is the second edition of Epson’s bi-yearly convention to engage corporate partners and customers to raise awareness on its range of business products and solutions.

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A large format printer for the marketing department, showcased at ESTC 2016 in the Sands Expo and Convention Centre at the Marina Bay in Singapore.

Epson showcased new business products ranging from office scanners to its new ultra-short throw interactive projector, mobile point of sales systems and wearable technology such as the Moverio BT-300 smart glasses and BT-2000 smart headset at the convention.

The convention was held today at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre and attended by 153 guests including business partners, end users, media and distributors.

Integrating intelligent solutions for business success

Epson’s showcase offered insights as well as real-life demonstrations on how companies can develop a holistic strategy when investing in technology.

“Our solutions seek to enhance collaboration, personalise solutions to different needs, and create an integrated environment to reduce repetitive manual work and ultimately save time and effort. ,” said Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s General Manager (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division).

Attendees gleaned insights from industry experts from DP Information and the SME Centre@SCCCI on sentiments among SMEs in Singapore, and the assistance schemes available for local companies to develop their business capabilities.

A range of new products designed for business usage were showcased for the first time during ESTC 2016.

Businesses looking for stylish compact receipt printers with smart functionality for their Point-of-Sales systems was shown the Epson TM-m30 tablet Point-of-Sale printer.

The DS-530 color document scanner offers value for efficient business document management.

The Moverio BT-2000 smart headset was also showcased during the convention, where businesses can explore its potential to improve efficiency and visual communication in different work settings.

“These solutions are developed based on our on-going understanding of what our customers require and we will continue to innovate and strengthen our product offerings for the corporate space,” added Tan.

Attendees were able to try out the EB-696UI interactive projector which offers wide projection surfaces and support multi touches and pre-fixed colours.

Attendees also experienced first-hand realistic simulations of Epson’s latest business solutions in various departments within the corporate environment.

Five booths were created to replicate the needs of a Training Room, a Logistics Department, a Marketing Department, a Finance Department, and a Customer Service Centre.

Product specialists were on hand to share the benefits of each set-up, as well as the processes required to customise these solutions to varying business needs.

Below are more details from the press release of the booths that were showcased.

1. Training Room

A standard training room may consist of 10 to 20 people, and for a training to be effective, a large display is essential.

However, this can be a challenge due to limited space.

“We got to see all the various business solutions that Epson has, especially the segment on interactive projectors. They allow our customers to collaborate across offices easily and more effectively,” said Jeffrey Lim, Managing Director, PAVE System Pte Ltd, an attendee at ESTC 2016.

This can be resolved with the Epson’s high brightness 3LCD Lamp-Free Laser projector – the EB-L1100U (6,000 lumens) with elbow lens which allows a maximum of 300” projection.

In addition, two wall mounted EB-696Ui interactive projectors can provide a 170” projection with a throw distance less than half a meter away.

These two setups can be achieved in small to mid-sized rooms.

A live feed of the training was conducted at the main office is simulcast via a tracking camera, which was then displayed live to other remote offices with Epson’s projectors.

Trainees were able to engage in an interactive discussion by annotating seamlessly with the new interactive pens or their fingers, and letting their ideas flow freely as the projectors support up to 50 pages.

After completing the discussion, the whiteboard content was printed via the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-5621 Business Inkjet printer.

2. Logistics Department

With studies showing that the use of colour can help increase comprehension of information by up to 73%, Epson’s Colorworks TM-C7510G, TM-C3510 and GPC-830 label printers were used for on-demand colour label printing of customised packaging labels, including GHS compliant labels for chemical products.

“The session was quite beneficial, and it was an eye-opener to learn about the technologies showcased. I can see a fair bit of benefits in terms of efficiency for the home or office. The technologies showcased will help to save on manpower, outsourcing and lead time for production. Personally, I’ve been a user of Epson for many years so I know how sharp and vibrant the printouts are,” said Shirley Ke, Operations Manager (Logistics), Dairy Farm International, another attendee.

With the industrial grade LabelWorks LW-Z900FK, a larger variety of print applications could also be supported.

The Epson Pro100, on the other hand, prints wide format labels with edge to edge printing to create larger labels in sizes of 50mm and 100mm.

With a resolution of 300dpi, the print is clear and distortion-free, which means that the barcodes printed on the labels will be easy to scan later on.

As with most manual processes, productivity often takes a hit.

Typically, warehouse operators need to pick up a pick list from the office and head to the warehouse.

Such travelling can be minimised if the pick list can be pushed to the operators on the go.

With the Epson Moverio BT-2000 smart headset, warehouse operators simply put on the headset and activate the picking process with head movements – thanks to the gyroscope sensor on the headset.

The pick list was sent to their headsets wirelessly, while the application directed the operators to where the pallets are, using indoor positioning and navigational information.

Picking operations can now be conducted seamlessly via the operator’s interaction with the headset.

This hands-free system will enable warehouse operators to be more mobile than before, achieving productivity increase from faster pick-up speed, improved picking accuracy and reduction in paper.

Delivery crew could easily print invoices and documents on-the-go with the WF-100 mobile inkjet printer from their organisation’s cloud system.

Gone are the days where one would have to drive all the way to a designated location just to pick up a single document.

3. Marketing Department

Collaborative meetings were held with ease using a combination of the Epson’s ultra short-throw projector EB-1430Wi and smart devices.

Annotations made on the projections were printed directly with the WF-7611 business inkjet printer, while proofing prints and ad-hoc collaterals were printed with the P7000 large format printer.

The SC-T7270 large format printer, cost-effective with line precision, was ideal for companies with ad hoc requirements for poster printing, or printing event venue floor plans for discussions.

4. Finance Department

Unwanted stacks of print outs, ink wastage, compromised security preventions of confidential documents and high consumables cost are just some of the many challenges faced by an organisation today.

With high volume printing of documents for Accounting & Administrative purposes such as financial transactions, bank statement, invoices, pay slips, etc in a day-to-day operations, organisations can bundle the Epson Device Admin (EDA) and Epson Print Admin (EPA) with WF-R8591 (centralised multifunction printer) to resolve the challenges faced by managing print outputs to improve business workflow, processes and reduce costs.

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The Moverio smart glasses is showcased in more than one business use case – in the customer service and the logistics departments.

Epson’s M100 ink tank system printer is an alternative to cheque writers as multiple cheques can be printed at one go to ease manual work and save time.

The printer also comes with smudge-free, tamper-proof and fraud proof pigment black inks.

Digital archiving of documents was also made easy with the DS-530 desktop scanner that comes with flatbed and sheet-fed features and bundled with OCR software.

The LabelWorks LW-700 Portable Label Printer also added convenience to asset tagging or inventory control for easy identification and retrieval of documents

5. Customer Service Centre

Save time, enhance and keep the customer experience fuss free with a self-service queue system kiosk where the queue ticket will be printed wirelessly with Epson’s TM-m30 tablet Point-of-Sale printer from the service options.

To further enhance the customers’ experience in the waiting area, the Epson’s EB-595Wi ultra short-throw interactive projector (the world’ first 3LCD finger-touch enabled interactive projector), integrated with a camera sensor, not only projected the queue numbers, but also triggered gender driven promotions.

In addition, customers could enjoy watching products and corporate videos as they waited, through the Moverio BT-300, an augmented reality smart glasses that is designed for comfort.

At the back end office, the M200 multi-functional ink tank system printer was used to print and scan quotations for digital archiving.

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