EZ-Link launches NFC transit SIM cards for contactless payments

All three local telcos will sell the new NFC transit SIM cards. Supported handsets can be used to pay for MRT, LRT and bus rides; as well as at retail transactions.

EZ-Link introduces NFC transit SIM for contactless payments.

EZ-Link introduces NFC transit SIM for contactless payments.

The NFC transit SIM is a next generation, full-service NFC (near field communication) SIM which can be used for public transport, as well as at more than 30,000 ez-link acceptance points islandwide including shopping, retail, food & beverage and taxis payments.

“Transit is the ‘killer phone app’ Singapore consumers have been looking forward to, and we are pleased to be the first to offer customers the convenience of making payment with the one device that is always with them, their phone,” said P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1.

Jointly developed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and EZ-Link, the NFC transit SIM will enable commuters to pay for public transit rides using just their NFC mobile phones.

M1 customers will be the first to enjoy contactless transit payments with their NFC transit SIM cards available at M1 Shops from today.

The NFC transit SIM card will cost S$37.45 (including GST).

As a launch promotion, the service activation fee of S$9.10 (including GST) will also be waived for customers signing up from tomorrow until 30 April 2016, while NFC transit SIM card stocks last.

“This development is a step in the right direction towards stimulating digital commerce growth in Singapore. Our world is becoming increasingly digital, and we are looking forward to meeting the needs of our mobile customers, who want to do more with their smartphones,” said Yeong Mun-Ling, Head of Business Strategy, StarHub.

StarHub is next with their NFC transit SIM avaiable from StarHub shops from 2 April.

Cost of StarHub’s NFC Transit SIM is no different from a regular SIM – One-time fee of $37.45 for a new SIM or $26.75 for a SIM replacement. The NFC ez-link purse fee of $5 is waived till further notice, as a launch promotion.

Sale of Singtel Transit NFC SIMs will commence in late April 2016. Singtel customers will be able to purchase them from Singtel Retail Shops at prevailing SIM rates with no additional costs.

The usual S$5 EZ-Link registration fee will also be waived for a limited time.

“We are pleased to offer the added convenience of mobile payments on buses, MRT and LRT. With customers already paying for their Comfort and CityCab taxi rides with our popular Dash app, they can now truly enjoy a seamless payment experience in their daily commutes. We have exciting plans coming up and will soon unveil an enhanced mobile payments app that will offer greater convenience and rewards to our customers and retailers,” said Gan Siok Hoon, Vice President of mCommerce, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

Starting today, M1 customers will be able to change their SIM cards to the NFC transit SIM at any M1 Shop outlet.

When the new SIM card is inserted into a supported handset such as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 4G+, the Samsung Galaxy S7 4G+ and the Sony Xperia Z5, it will enable the user to make payment for MRT, LRT, and bus rides.

It is also integrated with the M1 Prepaid MasterCard®, which allows users to top up M1’s prepaid mobile M Card or make purchases at merchants that accept MasterCard Paypass.

This would make the NFC transit SIM an all-in-one product which allows users to make payments for public transit and pay for everyday purchases.

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